Free Tool: PBR Node Pack

I’ve been spending a lot of time with materials lately, after spending a lot of time watching CynicatPro’s tutorial as well as seeing BlenderGuru’s PBR introduction I decided to put together some reusable node groups for future projects. So I thought I’d share them with you guys as well, because I’m just that kinda guy.

Hope you enjoy.


  • Diffuse/Glossy shader with Roughness, Reflection and IOR controls.
  • Metallic Shader with Rim Lighting
  • Fabric Shader with Velvet controls
  • Glass Shader with built in Shadow Fix adjustment
  • Advanced PBR Fresnel setup

Since recording the video I have added a volume absorption to the Glass shader, it includes density and volume colour controls.
Click the download button below, unzip after it’s finished and place your pack_PBRNodes.blend file somewhere easy to navigate to from Blender.

Download PBR Shaders v2


Usage Video

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10 Replies to “Free Tool: PBR Node Pack”

  1. Holy cow….I am new to Blender and love seeing the tutorials on nodes but I have trouble still getting things right. I have a brain injury from Iraq so things don’t work the same anymore upstairs….lol. I just want to say thanks for an awesome tool to use.


  2. This is awesome work! Thank you for sharing this. The tutorials and activities like yours are very nice example of how Blender community works. Few days later i watched Blender’s Guru tutorial and now i see this. Insane!

    1. Very good point actually. Please consider all of the downloads in my free downloads section to be completely open licence to do with as you please. I’ll update the website when I get a chance to reflect this. Enjoy.

    1. It’s done via Gumroad which is fairly well known these days, I also think they support Paypal. If you’re not comfortable with those options just download it for free and know that the gesture is appreciated 😀

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