PBR Shaders updated to Version 2

Hi guys,

I have been continuing my work with materials over the past few weeks and have improved upon my initial release of the PBR pack. In terms of usage it is identical aside from the main (standard) shader being altered slightly. It now includes a slider to adjust between true fresnel and zero 0deg fresnel. The latter while technically being physically incorrect allows you to create a fresnel based material that has no reflection at all on the facing angles, this is a useful option to have if you want to focus on a reflection map rather than the typical PBR roughness approach.

All of the other changes are internal ones that don’t alter the usage but do offer a much more realistic result, the changes were largely prompted by BlenderGuru’s update to his PBR approach. Namely a power is applied to the roughness map to relate more closely to other rendering engines, the fresnel has been adjusted to by default, use blenders typical fresnel and a few other minor improvements to the background math.

As always I would love to hear any feedback relating to this.


Download PBR Shaders v2

Usage Video

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24 comments to “PBR Shaders updated to Version 2”

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  1. Lord Baktor - July 1, 2016 Reply

    After Guru’s update I was hoping you would update your pack, I like your take on the shaders a lot ^_^

    • BlenderBrit - July 1, 2016 Reply

      Thanks, that’s nice to hear. I felt I definitely had to include the changes/fixes that guru made but I also personally felt it was important to be able to control that 0deg reflection amount, I think this is a nice balance between the two.

  2. Jean Spiren - July 4, 2016 Reply

    Hi BlenderBrit,
    I thanks you so much for sharing your PBR work, very nice!
    Sinceraly Congratulations.

    • BlenderBrit - July 4, 2016 Reply

      You’re welcome. Glad your finding it useful.

  3. Metin Seven - July 4, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for sharing, appreciated.

  4. George - July 7, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the awesome shader buddy 🙂

    • BlenderBrit - July 14, 2016 Reply

      You’re more than welcome, infact, working on a version 3 at the moment, will be a couple of weeks though.

  5. Jeff - July 25, 2016 Reply

    This is a fantastic tool! I have been searching for something like this. One question…when I render in viewport vs. a full render I get different results in regards to the level of masking that occurs. Why does that happen? I am using the same # samples in both, but the full render shows much more of the mask than the viewport render does.

    • BlenderBrit - July 25, 2016 Reply

      Are you referring to the AOMask or just the masks in general? In both cases the first thing to check is that all the source textures are set to non-color data. If it is the AO, ensure you don’t have any rendertime AO applied. If that doesn’t solve the issue please contact me via my contact form so I can take a look at the Blend for you. Thanks for the kind words too.

  6. John Smith - July 27, 2016 Reply

    How are these nodes allowed to be used? And what are the crediting requirements?

    • John Smith - July 27, 2016 Reply

      And by the way, I really love these node groups, and that you are giving them for free.

      • BlenderBrit - July 28, 2016 Reply

        I keep meaning to add a licence file, basically it’s cc0 though. Feel free to use, edit and distribute however you like.

        And I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

  7. Torkild Lindebjerg - August 4, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the good tutorials
    I have a notegroup in the Noteeditor (appended and saved) How do I delete a group from the menu in the noteeditor ?

    • BlenderBrit - August 5, 2016 Reply

      Not quite sure what you mean, do you mean the add->group menu? It will automatically appear there if it’s within the Blend.

      • Torkild Lindebjerg - August 8, 2016 Reply

        I have made a group in the Note editor (Shift A -Group – (example)) -How do I delete or edit in the notegroups I have added? dose this make sence?

        • BlenderBrit - August 8, 2016 Reply

          You can edit nodegroups by pressing tab with the node selected. To remove them from the add list, just make sure they are not used or referenced in the scene and then save and reload.

          • Torkild Lindebjerg - August 8, 2016

            Sorry that I am so bad to explain…
            I am not talking about editing note groups – but the list of note groups from the menu …
            when I press Shift A – go to Group
            the first two is : Make Group Ctrl G and Ungroup alt G
            below those two -I have added a list of groups (example. PBR_Fresnel)
            my question is how do I edit the list of note groups in the menu..that I have appended…
            I hope this make sense. thank you for taking your time..

          • BlenderBrit - August 8, 2016

            That list in the menu is automatically generated based on the current ‘known’ nodeGroups, basically if a nodeGroup is part of your scene, either directly in a material or even just currently still in ‘memory’ then it will be listed. If you would like to remove a listing that nodeGroup must be removed from all materials, then the .blend file needs to be reloaded. I hope that is helpful and thanks for watching.

  8. Bryce - August 8, 2016 Reply

    Using the glass PBR shader how would I overlay fingerprints, dirt, etc.

    • BlenderBrit - August 12, 2016 Reply

      Hi Bryce, you could use a couple of methods. The first would be to use a roughness map, feeding maybe fingerprints and grunge into the roughness, tweaked with a ramp. Or, you could use the same types of textures with a mix node to use a seperate ‘grunge’ shader of your liking. I will be taking another pass at the Glass shader soon for another update, will see if it’s worth adding this as a set feature seperate from roughness or not. Thanks for watching.

  9. David Brunetta - September 5, 2016 Reply

    Hi, and thank you for the Node package gift.
    After spending years with the Pre-node (v4.0 – v8.0), 3D studio Max versions to gain a fair level of competence in textures, I am now a 7-month-newbie to Blender and overwhelmed with the nodes connection setup and daunted by the whole rendering process. I have watched several Blender vids and I am just now starting to understand it. A little.

  10. DoYouRealyCare - December 15, 2016 Reply

    In your video on youtube you said it’s for free, but it’s not. That kind of wrong, dude.

    • BlenderBrit - December 15, 2016 Reply

      You type in 0, if you don’t want to pay anything for it. Then you download it free. It’s there to give you the option of a token gesture for my hard work 😉

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