SP2Blend: Substance Painter Shader (BlenderMarket Product)

Hi Guys,

Took a break from the free tutorials and tools to develop this solution for using Substance Painter with Blender. SP2Blend is designed to work with the standard metallic/roughness workflow that Substance Painter defaults to and, with a good lighting setup, allows for your Substance Painter creations to look exactly the way they should when rendered in cycles.

Simply load in the base color, metallic, roughness, MixedAO and normal_opengl maps, connect them to the shader, set all but the base color to use ‘non-color data’ then use the various options to tweak as required. It’s that easy.
I would like to thank cynicat pro for doing a lot of the hard work relating to fresnel and rim lighting and for sharing it with the community, if you haven’t already definitely check out the guys tutorials.

Also credit to Papa_Dragon for his Steampunk Spider which I used for testing, available on BlendSwap.

Purchase SP2Blend
Link: https://cgcookiemarkets.com/all-products/sp2blend-substance-painter-shader/

Usage Video:

4 Replies to “SP2Blend: Substance Painter Shader (BlenderMarket Product)”

  1. Hi,

    I purchased this shader from you but can not find any documentation on how to install into blender, please can you spare a few minutes to help me.

  2. Hi there BlenderBrit;

    Like Andy above I purchased your shader via the CG cookie Blender store yet I do not know how to install it into Blender 2.78. Can you spare a moment and help me out? Cheers and thanks for making the shaded and all of your tutorials.

  3. Dear BlenderBrit;

    Please disregard my previous posts as I have just figured out what I was doing wrong when trying to append the blend file to my scene. Super product and I look forward to your next creation, have a good day sir. Cheers

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