How to create a Sci-Fi FlyBy Animation (Part 1)

In this tutorial series we will be creating a short 30 second animation of a starship flying through an asteroid field. It’ll cover making asteroids, setting up a space scene with a mixture of a HDRI image and procedural generated stars, setting up the camera, other background elements, animation and render settings and finishing up with some compositing.

In this first part we will be focusing on making Asteroids using a basic starting shape which we will model and then the rest is done via modifiers. I will also take you through the process of creating the PBR material for it and have included a high-res texture free too. Enjoy.

Download Rock/Asteriod Texture Pack

The Enterprise starship model featured in this series was not created by myself and I need to give credit to the artist as it’s an amazing piece of work. However, for the life of me, I cannot find where I downloaded it from. I checked at the time that it was free to use for non-commerical purposes and it is, but I cannot provide a link at this time. Please, if anyone recognises the work, let me know so I can update this.

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