Grass – Asset Pack

I have just released an grass asset pack. You can purchase it below, for documentation please visit the BlenderMarket product page.

Purchase Grass Asset Pack

Grass – Asset Pack

Quick and easy, pre-made particle systems to populate your scenes with Grass.

Making realistic looking grass is no simple task, it’s time-consuming and can be frustrating to get it looking good, with this pack you can remove all the hassle and add grass to your scene in minutes.

This pack includes three types of grass models, each with their own particle system that’s ready to be appended to any scene. They are all controlled by a custom-made material nodeGroup which allows for lots of tweaking.

The grass models

The three types, one short, one medium and one long are easily configurable via the pre-made particle systems and can easily be combined for more detailed environments.

The Material NodeGroup

The custom-made NodeGroup built around Blender’s Principled Shader allows you to quickly adjust a variety of options to help you create believable looking scenes. Quickly adjust the color, roughness and amount of subsurface scattering as well as being able to add varying amounts of variation, aging areas or even cross-cut style lines.

The shader has also been made to work with other types of grass models, should you choose to make your own.

Purchase Grass Asset Pack

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