PBR Shaders updated to version 3

Hi Guys, Just put out another update for my PBR shaders. A few tweaks were made to all of the shaders but the major change was in the metallic shader where I incorporated the complete redesign that I recently used in my Substance Painter shader on BlenderMarket. Should produce some really nice metal results. As […]

PBR Shaders updated to Version 2

Hi guys, I have been continuing my work with materials over the past few weeks and have improved upon my initial release of the PBR pack. In terms of usage it is identical aside from the main (standard) shader being altered slightly. It now includes a slider to adjust between true fresnel and zero 0deg […]

Free Tool: PBR Node Pack

I’ve been spending a lot of time with materials lately, after spending a lot of time watching CynicatPro’s tutorial as well as seeing BlenderGuru’s PBR introduction I decided to put together some reusable node groups for future projects. So I thought I’d share them with you guys as well, because I’m just that kinda guy. […]

Free Tool: QuickCompositor v1.0

Compositing is typically a time consuming and often difficult part of the scene creation processĀ  for newcomers to Blender, sometimes even for those with more experience. So I put together a little tool to assist with the basic compositing steps that are often used. Features Full colour balancing controls with hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. […]